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Mitch Jenkins is a custom knife maker from Manti, Utah. Specializes in handcrafted loveless knives. Contact me for more information on knives and special orders.
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learned from the greatest

I’m very fortunate to have met Steve Johnson at an early age. He was my Scoutmaster and soon I was sweeping out his shop, and later cutting out blanks and doing some grinding. I made my first knife in my teens with Steve’s help and although there have been periods outside the shop like a church mission, college, and grad school I probably see Steve nearly everyday and count him as one of my best friends.  Although I teach at Snow College I try to put full-time hours my my shop as well.  I try to make the the best possible knives using the finest steel, handle materials, and craftsmanship.  My knives are bench-made using my hands and my eyes, that’s it.  I do my own heat-treatment, and sheath making as well if sole-authorship matter to you.  It’s a very special feeling creating something with your hands that has purpose and meaning.  Thanks for spending time on my website.  Mitch

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